About Michelle

Some consider me Michelle of Many Trades.

I’m a non-binary marker, parent, cultural worker, and graphic designer. I have broad experience in many fields due to a variety of jobs, volunteering, and life. In the midst of chaos, part of what would ground me was creating.

I am a thriving artist due to my deep dig into self discovery, shadow work, therapy, meditation, medication, cannabis, and connection. I am a creator looking for other collaborators, parents, and weirdos driven to learn and grow! I seek to create authentic connections, help people find their creative voice, and to deepen my gratefulness practice.

Current mediums of interest: stickers, screenprinting, digital works, painting, alcohol inks, and small loom works.

2021 has been a year of great growth and I am excited for the opportunities to come.

2014 was a transformative year – I had an intense injury and gave birth to a healthy child. Those big changes forced me to deal with my trauma, address taking care and notice of my body, and helped me seek support for PTSD. It brought me into a life shift as I finally acknowledged my passion of creating and evoking emotion; I now identify with being an artist. I am so thankful for my exposure to great books and therapeutic modalities. Feel free to message me if you’d like to connect about this!

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